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JINAN KUNCHI TRUCK PARTS CO.,LTD. was established in 2002. Our company is located in the origin of Sinotruk, Jinan city,Shandong province,China. It is an entity enterprise with the integration of production, sales, importing and exporting. Our products mainly contain: Sinotruck Truck parts, Shacman Truck Parts and other heavy duty parts.
In the area of truck parts, we have more than 10 years of experience in production, exporting, also in domestic sales. Our professional production, excellent quality, sincere service, help us to have gained high praises from our customers. Now our products have been successfully exported to Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East and many other countries. We sincerely look forward to cooperate with you.
As a service-oriented enterprise, we can provide the following items:
Accessories management experience to share, such as your Invoicing software, your inventory management and so on。
Customer promotion meeting for you。
Product promotion meeting。

We can provide quality-assured truck and truck parts as follows:
  • Tractor Truck * Trailer Truck
  • Hydraulic Mineral Dump Truck * Tipper Truck
  • Cargo Truck * Mixer Truck
  • Truck Body Parts * Truck Engine System
  • Truck Gearbox Parts * Truck Braking System
  • Truck steering Parts * Truck Clutch Parts
  • Truck Suspension and Chassis PartsJS180-1707030 factory

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Our History
Jinan Xin Ju Heng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is located in the auto parts base in Jinan, Shandong. Jinan Xin Ju Heng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. formerly known as Jinan Shun Cheung Auto Parts Co., Ltd., in 2010 changed its name to Jinan Xin Ju Heng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Our Factory
Jinan Xin Ju Heng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is the Shaanxi special furniture Jinan franchise company. Mainly engaged in China National Heavy Duty Truck () Steyr, Steyr Wang, the Yellow River Prince, Hau Wo, Shaanxi Auto Dragon, Aolong, the liberation of Aowei, New Granville, Auman series of transmission parts of the original, the company Distribution of accessories products, mainly in the major domestic parts and components dealers, maintenance companies, transport companies, fleet and so on. Foreign use of China National Heavy Duty Truck's major construction companies. Transport companies and so on. The main markets are China, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the CIS countries. Integrity in all corners of the globe, trusted by high-end customers. Company uphold friendship, mutual benefit, unity, win-win belief, is willing to join hands with the industry elite for a better future.
Towards the 21st century, Xin Ju Heng on the one hand along the pace of Fast, continue to expand the sales involved in the field of accessories services. In Asia and the world, to promote the supply of larger and more comprehensive heavy-duty truck gearbox accessories. To meet customer needs and provide new services. on the other hand. We will invest more resources in the next few years to set up and develop services for heavy gearboxes (Shantai Fighter Gearbox) accessories. To meet the needs of domestic and foreign procurement market. We have a modern office system. With advanced information technology. Can quickly and accurately handle a variety of work and inquiries, to answer customer questions. So that customers seeking demand for accessories and more flexible and convenient business. Xin Ju constant staff is an experienced, rigorous training, with professional knowledge, full of vitality of the team. The company promised to do its best to provide customers with the most efficient and humane services. Xin-constant companies attach importance to maintaining and developing long-term cooperation with customers.
Our Product
Mainly engaged in China's heavy truck Steyr, Steyr Wang, the Yellow River Prince, Hau Wo, Shaanxi Automobile Delong, Aolong, the liberation of Aowei, the new Granville, Auman series models of original parts, the company's distribution of accessories Products, mainly in the major domestic parts dealers, maintenance companies, transport companies, fleet and so on. Foreign use of China National Heavy Duty Truck's major construction companies. Transport companies and so on. The main markets are China, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the CIS countries. Integrity in all corners of the globe, trusted by high-end customers. Company uphold friendship, mutual benefit, unity, win-win belief, is willing to join hands with the industry elite for a better future. The same time as
Production Market
Our markets are mainly in Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Senegal, Nigeria and other countries,
Our service
1:24 hours online, ready to contact us.
2:12 hours in a timely manner reply to mail. To ensure timely tracking of mail.
3: tracking product delivery information, timely feedback customers.
4: to solve customer problems in a timely manner.
5: product three packs of time for 6 months, long package period, for you to solve worries.
6: the company prepared a premium service, the company customer service from time to time to provide some small gifts, discounts, courier delivery, and other services, notify the customer. To ensure that our products get your timely feedback.Foton Truck Parts suppliers

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1.Our History
Adhere to the notion of using the concept of producing livable modular housing to develop and manufacture modular house, using the top standards of this industry to provide house space solutions for meeting Customers' need, Housespace won the reputation and highly praise of consumers, by its solid strength and good services.
Housespace also commit to the technical breakthroughs, invented heavily in introducing the world's leading production lines and equipment. Meanwhile Housespace has a strong technical team including a number of senior architects and structure engineers, and a large number of outstanding energetic senior management personnel.

2. Our Factory
Located in Tongzhou------vice center of Beijing, taking that advantages, Housespace is keeping improving its own ability. Covering with an area of 40,000 square meters, Housespace has whole professional production workshops including forming workshop, welding workshop, coating workshop and packing workshop,etc.
With the development of society, the concept of Eco-friendly house is becoming the mainstream of the times. Beijing Housespace Prefab Co.,Ltd is a company specialized in the development and production of high-end modular house. By excellent technical standards and the concept of producing more secure, more comfortable, and more environmentally friendly products, Housespace is taking the lead in leading the development trend of this industry. The aim of Housespace is to improve the quality of products and inaugurate a new era in modular house.

3.Our Product
Our Products includes the following:
1, Container House
2, Prefabricated House
3, Light Steel Frame House
4, Panel House
5, Sandwich Panel
We are devoted to be the top supply base of light steel housing system and parts. our prefabricated house is customized based on our regular container house, which is with fixed modular, can be combined with each other to build houses with various style.

4.Product Application
Our Prefabricated house are widely used in many industries with different utility, like tourism&vacation house, hotel, residential house, school, camp, office, shop....

5.Our Certificate
Highly qualified staff, standardized management, clear development strategy, make Housespace become an industry model. Housespace has passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification and obtained many relevant professional certifications, such ad Beijing Enterprise Credit Certificate for Modular House Grade A, Beijing Enterprise manufacturing qualification for Modular House Grade A, Certificate of product inspection of China Classification Society etc. Many special producing techniques have obtain national patent, including Punching tool for threaded rod accessory, Forming mold for wall panel fixed accessory, Punching mold for triangular plate, Forming mold for rain-pipe fixed accessory, Top & bottom structure welding fixture, corner posts welding fixture, and etc. Housespace invest a lot of manpower and material resources every year, devoted to the research and development of new products and the application of new technology, to maintain leading edge of technology. At present, the development of integrated structure design of the top and bottom beams has already entered the stage of trial and improvement. The new product will be listed on the batch.

6.Production Equipment
As for the producing workshop, Housespace has professional welding and assembling automatic production line. Shop-workers strictly control the production process, and pay attention to every production process, to ensure 100% qualified rate of products. As for the quality of the products, Housespace strives for the perfection and specially set up the QC department. The department is consisted of many engineers who have abundant experience in producing modular house. Standardized management and strict control effectively ensure the implementation of company's quality policy and objectives. As for the technical support, Housespace sets up Engineering Department, which responsible for pre sales technical support, engineering installation and after sales service. The engineering department is responsible for the technical support, project installation and after-sales service. They put the customer satisfaction as their first goal, kindly settle Customers' questions, and recommend appropriate solutions. Due to these excellent work, they received a high evaluation from the Customer.

7.Production Market
We have a large number of customer groups from both domestic market and oversea market. We have exported our house more than 30 countries, like Norway, Russia, Germany, Qatar, Dubai, Papua New Guinea, Chad, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Suriname, Chile......Our product have been recognized by vast of our customers.

8.Our service
Most of houses are customized. Our engineer can design the house as our customer's requirement.
As for the installation, we have installation video and instruction showing how to install the house. If necessary, we send a supervisor to guide how to build the house.Cheap Light Steel Frame Store China

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Shanghai Houdry Catalyst Technology Co. Ltd is a China-based international supplier of various catalysts and technical services. With our extensive process knowledge and industry expertise, modern facilities for R&D, pilot plant test and production, we are capable of offering the most cost efficient solutions that enable our customers to improve yields and product quality.
Our business scope is developing, manufacturing and selling catalysts and adsorbents for petrochemical,oil refinery, chemical and environmental protection applications.
We have a range of catalysts with specific focus on catalysts for Hydrocracking, catalytic reforming, syngas, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation and adsorbents for purification etc. With our strong R&D capability, we are able to provide tailor – made catalysts to meet the customers’ specific needs.
Product Application
1. Adsorbents for purification
2. Catalysts for syngas
3. Catalysts for methanol synthesis
4. Catalysts for hydrogenation
5. Catalysts for dehydrogenation
6. Catalysts for MTBE
Reforming Catalyst

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We can also provide hot-melt adhesive films for electronic just like the protective glue(mylar film sheets, ultrathin hotmelt adhesive film),for customer's requirments.
This product is my company (shielding materials) application in electronics industry, one of the main products using imported raw materials formula, bonding of aluminum foil, fiber cloth, polyester, polyether, bread in the soup the effect is better.
Lv368b hot melt adhesive series products
This product is mainly for thin conductive cloth, small bubble sliver applications
Ultra-thin: film thickness can be more than 0.025 mm
Good adhesion performance: all kinds of fiber cloth, foam has good adhesive power, there will be no empty come unglued
Fast curing speed, will not appear when reproduction die cutting sliver sticky knife, silent, and so on and so forth

Contact US
Contact Person: Kevin
English Web:www.hotmeltfilm.com
Spanish Web:www.hotmeltfilm.net
Arabic Web:­www.­adhesivefilm.­netinflaming resarding adhesive

china Aluminum CNC Parts qqs233

Sinbo Precision Mechanical Co.,Ltd is one of the best high pressure gravity aluminum die casting alloy machined parts/die cast metal aluminum foundry suppilers manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a professional high pressure gravity aluminum die casting alloy machined parts/die cast metal aluminum foundry suppilers factory, welcome to wholesale our products online.
Product details:
Item nameHigh pressure gravity aluminum die casting alloy machined parts/die cast metal aluminum foundry suppilers

Application fieldsmold accessory and mold cooling parts /semiconductor equipment/electronic equipment /packaging equipment /agricultural equipment/medical equipment/food machinery equipment/ special equipment for production line/fixture accessory/ all kinds of equipment accessory and so on
Machining EquipmentMachining Center / CNC Lathes / Grinding Machines / Milling Machines / Lathes /Wire-cuts / Laser Cuts / CNC Shearing Machines / CNC Bending Machines / etc.
MaterialsAluminum Alloy:
5052 /6061/ 6063 / 2017 / 7075 / etc.
Brass Alloy:
3602 / 2604 / H59 / H62 / etc.
Stainless Steel Alloy:
303 / 304 / 316 / 412 / etc.
Steel Alloy:
Carbon Steel / Die Steel / etc.
Other Special Materials:
Lucite / Nylon / Bakelite / etc.
We handle many other type of materials.
Please contact us if your required material is not listed above.
Surface TreatmentBlacking/­polishing/­anodize/­chrome plating/zinc plating/nickel plating,tinting
Product's Design and Products AssemblyAs per client's drawing or sample ,besides we are also experienced in products assembly.
Inspection toolingtool microscope/digimatic micrometer/inside micrometer/go-no go gauge/dialgage/ electronic digital display caliper/automatic height gauge/precision level 2 detector/precision block gauge/00 levels of marble platform/ring gauge
QC System100% inspection according to the MIL-STD-105E, ANSI ASQC Z1.4, ABC-STD-105, BS6001, ISO 2859, DIN 40080 before shipment
Quality CertificateISO9001:2008 Certified
File FormatsSolid Works, AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), PDF, etc.
Payment50% in advance, 50% before shipment. Samples 100% in advance
Terms of paymentT/T, Western union,Paypal
MOQ1-10pc just for sample
-High quality products have been exported to more than 30 countries like USA,Denmark,Germany and Australia.
-Small details make big difference.
Quality Control System
IQC: incoming Quality Control
IPQC: Inprocess Quality Control
OQC: Outgoing Quality Control
Inspection Report before shipment
Material Certificate
Work Shop

1. What's your advantage?
-Always being Reliable, Professional and Proactive.
-More than 20 years in the CNC precision machining industry.
-Japan Tsugami CNC machines, with cutting edge CNC solution.
-ISO9001:2008 Quality control system, we not only provide qualified products, but also care about perfect looking surface.

2.What guarantee that you will make them as good as we do?
We can send 1~3 pcs of samples to you for approval, if the quality is OK, we will proceed with our business. We always inspect all spes shown on drawings, and we can offer Inspection Report to you.
3. When will I get the quote and information?
Our team will report within 12 hours.
4. What if I don't have a drawing?
Please send us photos to check, and the sample, we will make a drawing in CAD,Proe,UG or Solidworks format for your approval.

5. How long will I get your samples?
Depends on material and design, 5 to 10 days.

6.What's your minumum order quantity(MOQ)?
1 piece, small order quantities are welcome.
7.How do you care about the logistic?
We work very closely with the logistic brokers,always to get the
most safe and economic solution regarding express delivery, air shipment or sea shipment.

8. If you make parts wrong, do you refund money?
If the parts are wrong, we will return your money or we can make correct parts to you again. china Aluminum CNC Parts

CNC Customered Grantie Machine qqs233

1. Our History
Jinan Fortune Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd has focused on top quality precision granite products for over 15 years. We are the first and largest company in this field in China. We have two affiliates, three factories in Jinan city, Shanghai City and Shenzhen city. We have many customers such as Hexagon, SEREIN, South Korea's Samsung, LG group,American and Japan, Taiwan, Europe and other companies.
Today, Jinan Fortune Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd has been one of the top producers of precision granite products, such as: granite base, granite countertops, granite square, precision granite surface plate, granite float guides and so on.
2. Our Factory
Jinan Fortunate Precision Machinery Co.,ltd. was established in March 2004, professional commitment to rasearch and development, production and sales of granite precision measuring tools and mechanical componments.
The company has more than 200 employees, including professional and technical personnel 140 people, strong technical force. Our company is located in the Jinan green granite mine foot, rich in mineral resources. The company's mechanical processing equipment, equipped with advanced electronic testing equipment, to achieve the computer data processing.The main products include:granite base, granite benches, granite inspection plate, granite angle plate, granite parallel, granite square rulers, granite guideway, granite block, Granite measuring device, precision granite countertops, granite cube, granite surface plate stand, granite V block, granite flation products, granite pillars, granite column etc..In product production and testing progress, the strict implementation of DIN876/GB/204228-2006 rock and JJG117-2013 flat panel measurement verification regulations, so that our products in the domestic and international markets have enjoyed a high reputation.
3. Our Product
Jinan Fortune Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd Products includes the following:
1, Granite Base
2, Granite countertop
3, granite pillar
4, precision granite surface plate
5, .....
We supply granite mechanical components all over the world, ranging from large multinational organizations such as Hexagon, SEREIN, South Korea's Samsung, LG group and so on to small individual companies.
4. Product Application
We are able to manufacture the Granite Surface Plate with the good and stable flatness according to standard of DIN/JIS/GB. and Provided with Supporting Stand.
---Drilling & milling machines for PC Board...
Our products have high quality and low price can satisfy every customer. Give me a chance, I will reward you a surprise!!!
5. Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001:2008, SGS and so on.
6. Production Equipment
The company is equipped with advanced electronic testing equipment and cutting machines to achieve the computer data processing.
1.We have three big Cutting machines, 7middle cutting machines,
2.Polishing machine
3.we have 2 Milling machines
4.We have five Slotting machines
5.We have two CNC Laser machines
6.We have advanced TESTING MACHINES
7. Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. FORTUNE Sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market:
North America 13.00%
Western Europe 22.00%
Eastern Asia 27%
Southeastern Asia 3%
Inland 30%
Other place 5%

8. Our service
We can produce a variety of precision granite mechanical components according to the drawings or samples from our customers. We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing. We offer technical support that is second to none. Our products have high quality and low price can satisfy every customer. Give me a chance, I will reward you a surprise!!!
…CNC Customered Grantie Machine Parts

motor and electric appliances  qqs233

Cold extrusion parts for armature of electrical breaker system
Product introduction:
Material: 10#
Process: extrusion + shaping + preforming + upsetting + cutting + machining
Heat treatment: annealing
Application: Automotive AC regulator parts

Process characteristics:
The product requirement is cold forging, and the machining is only allowed on individual surfaces. The whole product is composed of 3 parts: cone face, square column and big platform surface. The whole structure is complex, and each part is super large deformation. Cold forging common encountered such products, the development cycle is very long, open - - - to adjust and optimize the mold debugging and so on, we simulate the simulation software DEFORM by forging, which require more than 1 months of mold debugging process is greatly shortened to 3-5 days, can be adjusted and the time is greatly shortened. By simulation we can get multiple forging process optimal combination, save manpower and material resources, to ensure the successful submission of the final product, so we have the confidence and ability to complete the design of forging difficult complex parts.

Q:What test equipment does three dimensional big chase have?
A:The current testing equipment of 3D Datong has three coordinate profilometer, projector and spectrometer
Q:What is cold extrusion?
A:Cold extrusion is to put the metal blank in the cold extrusion die cavity. At room temperature, press the fixed punch on the press to make the metal blank produce plastic deformation, and make the processing method of the part.
Q:Can three-dimensional exit by itself?
A:Sure.motor and electric appliances manufacturers

Wholesale brazed CBN grinding  qqs233

Brazed/Electroplated metal bond wheels have special feature of high-concentration, sharp cutting, processing efficient, working high precision, good straightness, no need to reconditioning. Thus greatly improve the processing efficiency, solves the problem of some products not easy to processing. It can used for flexible linear guiding including straight guiding, wave guiding, arc-shape guiding and V-shape guiding according to which have strict requirement on geometry shape and dimension work piece shape demand.
Welcome to wholesale the electroplated diamond/cbn grinding wheels and brazed diamond/cbn grinding wheels used for high precision grinding of megnative material on sale from PRC. We are a professional supplier in China, offering the customized service. All of our products are made under strict quality control and management system. Please rest assured to buy.Wholesale brazed CBN grinding wheels

Arabic clothing supplier qqs233

We offers high-quality Muslim thobe, our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier, we devoted ourselves to Muslim Product many years.

New design Arabic thobe Islamic clothing for men with reasonable price

Product description
Color As picture
Size From XS to XXL (no limited)
MOQ100 piece
Clothing type Plain Buqhara Collet Jubbah
Payment terms T/T,Western Union or MoneyGram
Delivery time About 10-15 days after payment
Samples Available

Note: Please Contact me for a new design or Wholesale, I'd gladly help you.

More pictures for Muslim men thobe

Size Chart for Muslim men clothes

Exhibition for Muslim men thobe

Packing &Delivery
(1)Packing Details:1 piece Muslim men thobe is packed with 1pc/opp bag. 30 pieces in one standard cotton
(2)Delivery Details:About 7-10 days upon receipt of payment.

-Our service-
In the 21st Century ,we are not sell goods,what we can sell SERVICE!!!We offer you a series of good services.
Basis Services
1.24 hours online
2.Quick response
3.A lot of designs for you to choose from
4.Quality inspecting
Customized Services
1.We have Product Development Team to develop the new products to meet your need.
2.We have Design Development Team to develop the new designs,customized designs are welcome.
After-sale Service
when clients receive the goods,if any quality problems ,please contact us freely.We will have a discuss about it to make you satisfied .And we never let it happen next time.

- Feedbacks -
I take my shop very seriously and try my hardest to make your buying experience with me 110% positive.
If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your transaction, I would appreciate you contacting me prior to leaving feedback. I can't resolve something that I don't know about. Plain Buqhara Colleted White Jubbah
We're a professional manufacturer and supplier of the new design arabic thobes islamic clothing for men with reasonable price which is of the best design. Welcome to buy or wholesale the quality and cheap products for sale from our factory.Arabic clothing supplier

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